Saturday, November 26, 2005

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Pacific Side of Okinawa

The water is crystal clear. Great for diving. Posted by Picasa

Sunset Beach

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We're Surrounded by Japanese Dragons!!!!

This is a snap shop of us outside of the caverns that are south of Ginowan City (which is where we stay). They had markets, sugar mills and beer made with the venom from poisoness snakes (Nathan took a sip---brave man that he is). Posted by Picasa

Our new pet

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Oooooooh! Check This Out!!!!

This is another building like ours that is just a little more south than us. With views like this, who couldn't praise God for His wonderful works!!! Posted by Picasa

WOW!!!! Look at that gorgeous sunset view from our new apartment on the China Sea. I am 'lovin every minute of this'!!!!

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Sunset in Paradise

This is the a shot from our balcony Posted by Picasa

It's a boy!!!!

And he's not shy. Two legs on either side and a third in the middle.
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Azlan Nathan Johnson

Here's our baby boy. His head is on the right and you can see his two eye sockets. To the left you can see his two hands and fingers and his body. Posted by Picasa